Background Information


Morogoro school of Journalism {MSJ} Was born early in 1995 under the umbrella of the training  of resources and technology management{TRETEM}.It was the first privately owned School in imparting journalism skills and knowledge in Tanzania.


With the restructuring TRETEM School in 1998, MSJ was born officially under its current name with the appointment of a principal.


As such, courses offered were upgraded and the certificate course that was offered came to be known as the Advanced Certificate in journalism {ACJ}.The curriculum was also reviewed to fit into the new course.


In reviewing the courses another course was started in 2012 known as the Diploma in Journalism Course. This was in line with the changing world of the technology where student were required to concentrate on approaching the  problems that could  be faced tomorrow instead of concentrating on old methods of imparting knowledge with old devices.


When the National council For Technical Education {NACTE] came into existence, MSJ being one of the tertiary Schools, was required to fulfill some requirements in order to be registered under it. Also NACTE instead  that method of imparting the required skills and knowledge should be reviewed to strengthen the practical side of the syllabus . As such there was need to review the curriculum and come up with new prospector  that will produce newborn journalist who can compete in the labour market in the globalization era.


 Currently  this prospector has been  developed according to the need of the mass media in all branches from reporters to those in managerial posts




Location of the School

Morogoro School of Journalism is currently located at Kihonda Mizani in Morogoro municipality alongside the Morogoro- Dodoma road about 8 km2 from Msamvu bus terminal.


 Our Vision


Our vision is to become a leader in providing quality and affordable education in and outside the country so as to meet the needs and objectives of our stakeholders.


Our Mission


Our mission is  to foster development  through the provision of quality education at an affordable cost. We are committed to generate new idea,knowledge and skills that will be utilized in transforming journalism practice in and outside the country


Morogoro School of Journalism Motto


Media For Democracy